Where it works


The police and emergency services are only just realising the benefits KOORCA® provides their law enforcement and emergency response capability. KOORCA® is a brand new offering and the rollout to the various police jurisdictions must follow strict security clearances and protocols.

This means that although KOORCA® works anywhere in the world, the police in your area may not yet be eligible to access your data. If your area has not yet partnered with KOORCA® and you have tagged something that relates to a police matter, you should notify your local police. They can connect via Contact Us or at info@koorca.com to facilitate access.

We are responding to requests from government authorities across the globe, who wish to make the full benefits of KOORCA® available to their people.

You can download the app to help demonstrate the demand for KOORCA® and to speed up the process of calling emergency. In the meantime you can contact your local member of Parliament to find out if your area is being proactive in community safety.

We will keep you updated here as new jurisdictions come on board.